We have developed an Investment Asset Management Strategy that utilizes a series of market index, sector and asset class ETFs as the underlying investment vehicle.

We will use traditional ETFs as well as those designed as leveraged or inverse structures. In difference to most traditional asset allocation with rebalancing strategies, our Hedged Dynamic Asset Allocation strategy will be tactical, dynamic and will only allocate to a market component ETFs where we have conviction that positive performance may occur. We will also employ tactics to protect your portfolio as market conditions change, that alter our view or conviction in an area of the market. This dynamic aspect of our strategy will differentiate our results and should allow us to protect your assets versus other strategies. Our objectives for this strategy are to provide downside protection and outperform the market.

Our strategy will be more concentrated in a smaller number of ETFs that we will employ at any one time than a traditional asset allocation model. Our strategy would have between two and seven positions with the most likely scenario being between three or four positions at any one time. With that said, no one position will be more than 50% of the portfolio.

We will manage your portfolio within this strategy with a view toward protecting the asset value by moving out of an ETF position when our analysis turns negative and the ETF is declining in value. We may also employ tactics to hedge, part or all of the portfolio, to provide protection to the portfolio from decline. In its purest form this method of hedging is a cost to overall performance.